The History of Playgrounds & Playground Equipment

Playgrounds are one of those things that we take for granted today. Nearly every community across the country has some kind of playground, and there is playground equipment on the property of basically every school from coast to coast. Kids love to enjoy themselves at the playground, and adults love to see them having fun. But where did the concept of playgrounds come from? When did these open spaces come.

How Playgrounds Help with Childhood Development

For the most part, playgrounds are all about fun. Kids love to have fun, of course, and parents love to watch their kids have fun. Few places allow kids to have safe fun quite as effectively as playgrounds, which is why they are so popular in schoolyards and neighborhoods all across the country. However, while fun might be the order of the day, playgrounds have developmental benefits as well. Kids.

Superior Recreational Products Recognizes Metro Recreation With New Partner of the Year Award

We are thrilled to announce that Superior Recreational Products awarded us with their New Partner of the Year Award for 2016! We are proud to partner with Superior and look forward to creating great spaces in the future!

Playground Safety: Surfaces, Design & Spacing

It doesn’t need to be said that safety is a top concern when designing a playground. No one wants to see a child hurt while playing with his or her friends on the playground, which is why intelligent design is so important. Using the right materials, and building the playground in a way that promotes safety, is key to steering clear of accidents. While no playground – or any space,.

The Benefits of Universally Accessible Playgrounds

All children, regardless of physical limitation, should be able to enjoy the fun that comes along with playing on a playground. Kids love to play, and no child should be prevented from having fun at the playground by a physical handicap. If you commit to building a playground which is universally accessible, you will be creating a space that is able to be enjoyed by each and every child who.

The Benefits of Installing Children’s Playground Equipment

Children love to play – that much isn’t a secret. However, they don’t always have what they need in order to play as they would like. When kids aren’t in an environment that allows them to play – either on their own or with others – they are likely to become bored and even cranky. With that in mind, installing playground equipment is a great way to keep them engaged,.

The Top Benefits of Playground Inspections

All across Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, DC, kids love going to the playground – that much is obvious. Parents love taking their children to these fun places as well – but only when the area and equipment is safe. The ideal space is both safe and fun, allowing kids to just be kids while parents can watch with confidence, knowing their child is not in harm’s way. To ensure.

Lincolnia Park Playground Installation in Alexandria, VA

Here at Metro Recreation, we do a variety of playground equipment installations in and around the Washington, DC metro area. One of our latest projects was in Lincolnia Park in Alexandria, Virginia. Below are photos of the space before, and then after the installation! Before: And After!:

Metro Recreation Acquires Baltimore County, MD Contract

Metro Recreation is pleased to announce that it has acquired a purchasing contract with the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks. The contract allows state government agencies within the area to bypass the bidding process for new playgrounds, site amenities, pavilions, etc. With the ability to buy direct, the purchasing process for these state agencies is expedited. Agencies interested in receiving more information about this process are encouraged to.

The Advantages of Outdoor Exercise

You don’t need to be told about the benefits of regular exercise. While laughter is often called ‘the best medicine’, it could be argued that exercise should actually hold that title. When you exercise frequently, just about every part of your body works better, and remains in better condition for the long run. Of course, you should always consult with a doctor before you start with an exercise routine. When.

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