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Since 2007, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness has been fighting obesity and promoting wellness, one community at a time. Metro Recreation is pleased to support this initiative regarding overall wellness by providing Greenfields outdoor gym equipment to the Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC areas.

From concept to reality, Metro Recreation can create the custom layout that works best for your fitness area. In order to best plan your project, it is good to consider the following points:

  • Available Space: Are you renovating an existing space or is this a new, open space?
  • Configuration: Would your project best be suited for trail pods, linear or cluster?
  • Equipment: Which units will provide the best opportunity to serve your demographics?

Greenfields also takes pride in serving a wide variety of locations. From parks and trails to street corners or from schools and corporate campuses to hospitals and even military bases, there is an equipment package to fit each space and interest.

Lastly, Greenfields is proud to offer a variety of wheelchair accessible fitness equipment in an effort to promote all-inclusive fitness areas. Accessible outdoor gyms are now available through the Greenfields partnership with Metro Recreation.

If you are in the Maryland,, Virginia, West Virginia, or Washington DC metro area and your space can benefit from outdoor fitness equipment, give Metro Recreation a call today!

View the Greenfield Product Line here.