UPC Parks

More than ever, we believe, it’s important to get kids out and moving while using their imaginations along the way.

UPC Parks creates imaginative, adventurous, themed playgrounds for kids of all ages at a variety of price points. Their products are not museum pieces. Think big, climbable, nearly indestructible, interactive playground sculptures! Made from a revolutionary synthetic sandstone with an exceptional grip for climbing, UPC Parks’ product line includes Ropes & Rocks, Themed Play, Creative Play, Creatures, Sand & Water Play, Embankment Slides, dozens of ingenious accessories and much more.

UPC Parks’ team of creative designers, ingenious mold makers, and talented fabricators are some of the best in the world– and they have the awards to prove it. There are currently hundreds of unique designs, with more being added every day.

A pre-designed playground by UPC Parks is a great way to create a continuous-play circuit kids will enjoy for hours.