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Transform any area into a world-class outdoor gym experience with Greenfields’ Professional Series! This innovative line uses an adjustable, bidirectional resistance mechanism, allowing users to tailor their workouts to their individual needs. The Professional Series features 18 unique models (including three specially designed for wheelchair users). Enhance cardio with the Stepper, build core muscles with the Ab Toner, and strengthen upper body with the Arm Curl, Tricep Press, and more! Several additional fixed resistance and resistance-free units round out the Professional Series’ cardio, agility, and stretching options. A single-user design makes it social-distancing friendly.


Functional Fitness – one of the hottest trends in the exercise world today – has now hit the outdoor space. Greenfields’ vast range of units and features provides a challenge to even the most advanced users. Our fitness rigs are customizable, easily tailored to any space or budget. With climbing ropes, cannonball pull-up bars, suspension trainers, ball targets, and more, the options are virtually limitless! Choose from any of Greenfields’ predesigned packages – or build your own – and watch your outdoor gym become a fitness destination!


Realizing the challenges faced by those with mobility impairments, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness is committed to making fitness areas truly inclusive. The patented Signature Accessible units (U.S. Patent 9,079,069) integrate seamlessly with the rest of Greenfields’ fitness equipment, allowing those in wheelchairs to exercise in the same area – and sometimes even on the same machines – as able-bodied friends, family, and neighbors.


The Legacy Series is Greenfields’ original line of outdoor fitness equipment, embraced worldwide for its durability and multigenerational appeal. Multi-person units enhance the social aspect of the gym, encouraging users to work out with family and friends and motivating them to exercise longer. Utilizing both body weight leverage resistance and resistance-free mechanisms, the Legacy Series units are enduringly popular with young and old.


Calling all warriors! Greenfields’ NEW X-TREME NINJA line boasts an incredibly rigorous array of features for the fiercest challenge yet! Customize your ultimate course for training and competitions – Greenfields offers over 20 activities, with new items coming soon!