Dynamo Mast Nets & Frame Nets



For a quarter century, Dynamo has produced revolutionary designs that ddynamo_playgrounds_logoeliver the kind of excitement that fuels the imaginations of children everywhere. Thanks to meticulous attention to detail, revolutionary looks and the best materials,  playgrounds from Dynamo are long lasting and stand apart from the rest. Metro Recreation is proud to carry mast nets and frame nets from Dynamo for playgrounds in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and beyond.

Mast Nets
With mast nets from Dynamo, the sky is truly the limit! Children can imagine being spaceship crews, mountain climbers, and superheroes – all the while enjoying themselves while exercising!


Frame Nets
Built on heavy gauge steel frames and using a rope construction that is unique to the Dynamo brand, frame nets are a great complement playground designs in and around Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. Children can imagine they are climbing the Grand Canyon or battling aliens, all the while getting exercise while increasing balance and coordination.