Dynamo Mast Nets & Frame Nets

Metro Recreation is proud to carry mast nets and frame nets from Dynamo®, one of the industry’s foremost manufacturers of unique playground equipment for more than 25 years. Metro includes Dynamo’s pioneering playground climbing nets, dynamo_playgrounds_logoincluding mast nets and cargo nets when designing playgrounds in the MD, WV, and Washington DC area and beyond. Although most play spaces in MD, WV, and DC feature modular structures such as slides, decking and stairs, the addition of playground rope nets, including cargo nets and rope netting, offers a much better play experience for children. Playground climbing nets create a constantly moving platform, offering play choices and the constant sensory feedback that encourages children to be more active.

Mast Nets
While playing on mast nets, children can imagine being spaceship crews, mountain climbers, and superheroes, all the while exercising their bodies and imaginations.

Frame Nets
While playing on frame nets, built on heavy gauge steel frames and using a rope construction that is unique to the Dynamo brand, Children can imagine they are climbing the Grand Canyon or battling aliens, all the while getting exercise while increasing balance and coordination.

With mast nets from Dynamo, the sky is truly the limit!