Safety Surfacing


Poured-in-Place rubber is a great option and provides many benefits including easy-to-clean, accessible options available, and lots of colorful design options. Metro Recreation installs poured-in-place rubber surfacing that lasts through all seasons. An important step in creating a safer play space is selecting the right playground surfacing solution!

Some of the basic specifications include:

  • Comprised of two layers – a cushion layer made of clean, recycled tire rubber; and a decorative wear course layer comprised of fine virgin EPDM or TPV granules
  • Choose from various options to meet your site-specific needs
  • Can be installed over asphalt, concrete, or compacted sub-base aggregate
  • Cushion layer thickness is customized on-site to meet your play equipment’s unique and varying fall heights, saving you money

Because the rubber and urethane components are mixed and applied on site, having school colors, logos, games and/or geometric shapes permanently incorporated into the surface are practical possibilities.

Metro Recreation installs premium safety surfaces designed to the specification of each customer. Working together with our clients, we ensure that each project meets the needs of our customer and is compliant with all regulations. Contact us today for a safe, accessible, and low-maintenance surface solution for your playground!