The Benefits of Universally Accessible Playgrounds

accessible city playground
All children, regardless of physical limitation, should be able to enjoy the fun that comes along with playing on a playground. Kids love to play, and no child should be prevented from having fun at the playground by a physical handicap. If you commit to building a playground which is universally accessible, you will be creating a space that is able to be enjoyed by each and every child who visits. While there might be a few extra steps involved with making sure that your playground is universally accessible, the positives that are gained from your efforts will be more than worth it in the end.

If you need any further motivation to make sure your playground project is universally accessible, please review the benefits listed below.

Allow All Kids to Have Fun

Sure, you could easily build out a playground that was full of all of the traditional pieces of equipment such as swings and slides. However, kids see those pieces of equipment on each and every playground that they visit, so why not be different? By picking pieces of gear that are accessible to all, you will be presenting kids with toys they have not before seen. Not only will that mean that all kids can enjoy the playground equally, but it will also mean that the kids will have something new to explore and experience.

Develop Creativity

One of the most powerful things you can do for a young child is to enable them to use their creativity regularly. Creativity can be found in just about anything when it is presented in the right way, and that certainly applies to playground equipment. Playground gear that is accessible to all often includes features that will appeal to all senses, meaning kids will be more able to engage the creative parts of their brain as they play.

Promote Inclusion from a Young Age

The world would be a better place if more people were inclusive of those around them. Toward that end, it is important to encourage kids to include everyone around them in the fun that they are having on the playground. By building a universally accessible playground, you will be actively teaching the lesson that we should all have the same opportunities and experiences s6cdtld. Instead of promoting division and judgment, this kind of playground will be enabling kids of all physical ability levels to come together and have fun with no limits.

Building a playground is a great way to make sure kids have a place to get out their energy while learning and laughing along the way. However, it is important that all kids share in that opportunity equally, which is why it is such a great idea to consider a universally accessible playground. Choosing equipment that suits the needs of all children equally is a powerful thing, and the joy that such a playground can bring to all kids is something that will be worth all of the time and effort you put into the project.