Summer Playground Safety Tips – Infographic

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means more time will be spent on playgrounds here in Maryland, West Virginia, & Washington, DC. Here are some tips to help make playtime not only fun, but safe.

Dynamo Playgrounds: Company Profile

Metro Recreation is pleased to partner with Dynamo Playgrounds to bring frame and mast nets to playgrounds in West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. Company Profile For over 25 years, Dynamo has produced and delivered on revolutionary designs that fuel the imagination of children. Thanks to attention to detail and quality materials, playground equipment from Dynamo stands apart from the competition and has the durability to last for years and.

Community Playground Equipment Build | Forest Heights, MD

For a recent playground equipment project in Forest Heights, Maryland, we were proud to supervise a community build with volunteers and residents. Check out these photos of the completed playground!

Playground Facts Infographic

If you ever wanted to know more about the history or benefits of playgrounds, here is a great infographic. Starting with the first playground in 1922 all the way up to the themed playgrounds of today, this infographic is full of great information. Credit to Fenland Leisure Products in the United Kingdom for putting this together.

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