Tips for Making Your Playground Safer for Everyone

Between school, homework, lessons, organized sports, and family responsibilities, a child’s life can be very scheduled. In this context, a simple visit to a playground can be much more than “fun.” The unstructured free play opportunities that they offer allow kids to move their bodies, practice social skills, and exercise their brains in ways that build their confidence and encourage healthy development. Our only responsibility as adults is to ensure.

Let’s Climb!

Playground climbers are an excellent way for children to reach new heights. Playground climbing equipment is fun and offers several benefits. Let’s take a look at why incorporating climbing equipment into your next playground installation can take the great outdoors to new heights.  The Brain Boost When children develop their motor skills and coordination, it leads to better directional and spatial awareness, agility, coordination skills, balance, and memory. It’s been.

Basic Equipment for a Truly Inclusive Playground

Inclusive playgrounds welcome children of all ages and abilities. Many school and park playgrounds across the US in need of a makeover. One that gives kids and adults a safe place to have fun. Are you currently asking yourself what equipment is a must-have for an inclusive playground? Well, Metro Recreation has the options you need to make your play space unique and inclusive for your entire community. Sensory Relief.

6 Playground Behavioral Problems and How You Can Help

Children with different ways of thinking and learning can struggle with playground social rules. They can also have difficulty using equipment properly, waiting patiently, or taking turns. Seeing your child struggle when you yearn for them to have fun can be heartbreaking. We also understand that playtime should be the best time of all. That’s why Metro Recreation has identified some hurdles your child may encounter and how you can.

Elements of an Inclusive Playground

We talk a lot about inclusive playgrounds, but what does that really mean? Let’s break down what it takes to create spaces like this that are truly for everyone. What Exactly Does It Mean? At its heart, inclusion means that all children are encouraged to participate. This means designs that incorporate safe, accessible equipment and an environment that invites teamwork and entertainment for all. In addition, they need to be.

Inspire Kids with Musical Playground Equipment

You already know that playgrounds are important for kids in many different ways, but were you aware that playground equipment can have musical elements, too? It’s never too early to inspire kids by providing them with musical playground equipment. What is Musical Playground Equipment? This equipment incorporates instruments into the play pieces, including keyboards and drums. They’re important for sensory play experiences. Kids love music, whether it’s clanging pots and.

When is it Time to Upgrade Your Playground Equipment?

Your playground looks quiet now, but Spring is upon us! Warm weather means kids will be ready for outdoor activities…but is your equipment ready for them? Let’s take a look at evaluating your play spaces and find out if it is time to upgrade your playground equipment? 1. Your Equipment is Over Ten Years Old While playground equipment longevity will vary, the average lifespan of most equipment is around ten.

The Top 6 Playground Trends for 2022

2021 saw a lot of changes in every aspect of our lives, including how our kids play and socialize on playgrounds. 2022 promises some changes of its own, from outdoor play equipment design to an increased emphasis on eco-friendly commercial play spaces. Here are the top playground trends for the new year. 1. Side-by-Side Play For All Generations Intergenerational play is beneficial for both adults and children alike. Children who.

6 Tips for How To Winterize Your Playground

It’s cold, but kids will never let that stop them from enjoying a day at the playground! The colder weather means you need to make sure your spaces are safe, and we’ve got 6 tips to help you do just that! 1. Address any Surfaces that Will Collect Ice Any spots on your playground’s surface that had water puddles throughout the year are prone to collecting ice now. Make sure.

Playground Design for Hearing Impaired Kids

Last month, we touched on creating playground spaces that are both accessible and inclusive. We’d like to dive in a little deeper into this topic this month and talk more about playground design for hearing impaired kids. The CDC estimates that 15% of kids have hearing loss at some level, with over 30,000 of these kids having a surgically implanted sound receiver known as a cochlear implant. While the implant.

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