Tips For Safely Visiting Playgrounds & Parks During COVID-19

One of the “silver linings” of the COVID-19 pandemic for many people was a rediscovery of the outdoors. With indoor movies, bowling areas, play areas, bounce houses, and other sources of entertainment closed down indefinitely, families returned to parks, trails, open spaces, and playgrounds as a way to stay active and relieve stress.  By observing some basic public health measures, people felt comfortable getting outdoors. Now that in many areas.

The Best Playgrounds in West Virginia

In his famous anthem Country Roads, 70s singer/songwriter John Denver called West Virginia “almost Heaven.” And if you’ve ever driven through this heavily forested corner of the United States, whose Monongahela National Forest spans nearly one million acres across 10 counties, chances are good that you’d agree. West Virginia is one of America’s most beautiful states and an ultimate playground for families and nature-lovers alike. Besides being scenic and historic,.

Road Trip! Maryland’s Top 20 Playgrounds – Part 4 of 4

In recent months, during the Governor’s Stay-at-Home order, we have enjoyed putting together a list of some of our favorite playgrounds in the Maryland area from the comfort and safety of our home office. In fact, looking ahead to the day when we could get out again and have some fun at these local play spaces was one of the things that got us through the strictest stages of quarantine..

CDC Recommendations for Visiting Parks and Recreational Facilities

View CDC Guide Staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy. In many areas, people can visit parks, trails, and open spaces as a way to relieve stress, get some fresh air, and stay active. Know before you go: While these facilities and areas can offer health benefits, it is important that you follow the steps below to protect yourself and others.

Road Trip! Maryland’s Top 20 Playgrounds – Part 3 of 4

All Kids love to swing, slide, spin, and imagine— and playgrounds give them the perfect stage for that. Fortunately, Maryland has some top-notch, innovative play spaces to visit and explore as a family. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to enjoy these great— and largely free— activities recently due to closures forced by the ongoing pandemic. As stay-at-home orders gradually begin to lighten up, some playgrounds are reopening. Most still have social.

New at Metro Recreation – Miracle Recreational Products!

Metro Recreation is proud to partner with Miracle Recreational Products, offering customers in Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, DC a wide variety of playground and recreational products. Since 1927, Miracle has been enriching the lives of children with the most extensive collection of indoor and outdoor equipment in the play industry. We offer the most extensive selection of equipment that meets the industry’s highest standards of safety, durability, structural integrity.

Road Trip! Maryland’s Top 20 Playgrounds – Part 2 of 4

As we navigate this unprecedented time of social isolation, the days of loading the kids into the car in search of some of Maryland’s best playgrounds feels long ago and far away. Eventually, however, the distancing measures will relax, and we will be able to slather on the sunscreen, fire up the GPS, and hit the road in search of exciting new places to play. So why not use this.

Road Trip! Maryland’s Top 20 Playgrounds – Part 1 of 4

Imagine your favorite playground when you were a kid. For many of us, that mental picture includes playground equipment such as monkey bars, wooden swings, a couple of seesaws, a precariously tall metal slide, and maybe a hopscotch grid spray-painted on a concrete pad. Limited though these playgrounds might have been, most of us survived them, and had a reasonably good time while we were at it— splinters and bruises.

Why Kids Need Playgrounds!

Playgrounds provide a safe place for children to use their boundless energy, and interact and have fun with their peers. As importantly, a well-designed playground gives kids an invaluable learning environment where they can develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. If what pioneering educator Maria Montessori famously said, that “Play is the work of children”, is true, then surely the child’s office is a well-designed playground. Extensive research.

How To Design Inclusive Playgrounds

Does your community playground need some refurbishment? Are you involved in playground planning at your school or worship center here in Maryland, West Virginia or DC? If so, you have a wonderful opportunity to create an environment that will be fun and welcoming for your kids– including the “differently abled” kids with physical or mental challenges for whom navigating traditional play structures is difficult. No matter what your budget or.

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