The Top Benefits of Playground Inspections

maryland playground
All across Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, DC, kids love going to the playground – that much is obvious. Parents love taking their children to these fun places as well – but only when the area and equipment is safe. The ideal space is both safe and fun, allowing kids to just be kids while parents can watch with confidence, knowing their child is not in harm’s way. To ensure safety, having a playground inspection completed is a great idea. There are plenty of benefits to going through the inspection process, and some of the top benefits are listed below.

It’s the Law

First and foremost, it is a federal law that all playgrounds be properly inspected for safety. This, of course, should be all the motivation you need to have your space inspected, as staying on the right side of the law is something that you should always want to do. Also, if you should happen to be sued in an injury case, you will want to be able to prove that the area was inspected before it was opened for use.

Injuries Happen Frequently

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for injuries to occur when kids are at play. Many children are taken to the emergency room each year with injuries and many more are hurt in minor incidents. Completing a proper inspection won’t completely eliminate the possibility of injury, but it will go a long way to reducing the risk of serious accidents.

Nothing is Permanent

A play space that was perfectly safe when it was first opened might not remain that way as the years go by. By having your play area inspected periodically, you will be able to catch potential safety hazards as they develop – rather than having to wait for a child to get hurt. Small equipment issues can lead to major safety hazards, so make an inspection part of your routine maintenance plan and you will stand a much better chance of keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Expert Eyes

It isn’t enough to just look over your playground and decide that you don’t see anything which looks particularly dangerous. Unless you have been trained in this area, you are almost certainly going to miss points which would have been picked up on by an experienced inspector. Lean on the knowledge of someone who does this kind of work for a living and you will come away with a more meaningful inspection in the end.

ADA Compliant

The goal of a designated fun area is to make sure that all children can have a great time – and that included children with disabilities. One of the benefits of an inspection is to confirm that your design meets with the standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Offering up a space that is ADA compliant will help all children have fun during their visit to the playground, regardless of their physical limitations. While you should have had these regulations in mind while building the space, an inspection will confirm that you have hit on all necessary points.