5 Ways Water Play Benefits Children

Water play is more than just a fun and refreshing activity for children. It offers many developmental benefits. Whether it’s playing at a water table, splashing in the pool, or running through the sprinklers, playing with water engages children’s senses, promotes physical activity, nurtures their social and cognitive skills, and helps their overall emotional wellbeing. Physical Development Water offers a unique environment where kids can move freely without the constraints.

How to Plan a Community Splash Pad

Community splash pads are a fantastic addition to any neighborhood, offering a refreshing and fun water play experience for people of all ages. These interactive water features provide a safe and engaging environment for children and families to cool off during the hot summer months. Here’s what you should consider when planning. Design Considerations Before embarking on the construction of a community splash pad, it’s important to carefully consider various.

Playground Design Influences Play Behavior

Playground Design History Once upon a time, playgrounds were just pieces of metal equipment across a vacant space. Little attention was paid to safety. From the 1970s, safety standards changed. Metal has been replaced with softer materials. Slides and swings have safer surfaces—like shaved rubber—under them, reducing injuries. Playground designs were originally focused on convenience and appealed to adults. A child’s usability wasn’t always factored into the design. These days,.

Make a Splash: How Splash Pads Can Benefit Your Community

Call them spray parks, aquatic play pads, or just simply “splash pads,” these innovative water play areas offer a fun, interactive and accessible recreational space with advantages for children, families, communities, and city planners. What is a splash pad? A splash pad is a zero-depth aquatic play area that allows people to cool off through the use of sprinklers, fountains, ground nozzles, and other structures and devices that spray water..

A Parent’s Guide To a Fun-Filled Snow Day

Maybe it’s the special kind of quiet that a blanket of snow creates. Or the realization there are very few cars out on the road. Or the distant grate of the snowplow on the street. Whatever it is, you can tell as soon as you open your eyes: it snowed overnight! You peek out the window, reach for your phone and it’s confirmed—it’s a snow day! Even though you may.

The History of Inclusive Playgrounds

Well-designed, inclusive playgrounds provide a setting for children of all ages and abilities. They also promote awareness of those who may learn, play and communicate differently in an environment designed for interaction and fun. Although kids have been using their imaginations long before slides and swings were a part of recess, inclusive playground equipment cultivates healthy childhood development. Metro Recreation is proud to consult and design inclusive playgrounds in Maryland,.

What You Need to Know About Public Playground Inspections

A well-designed playground with age-appropriate equipment and plenty of room to run, jump, swing, and make believe is one of the joys of childhood. But a safe and sound playground space doesn’t happen by accident. Creating a safe playground environment for children requires expert advice up front and regular ongoing safety audits and inspections from the most knowledgeable professional in the industry: a National Program for Playground Safety CPSI (Certified.

Tips for Making Your Playground Safer for Everyone

Between school, homework, lessons, organized sports, and family responsibilities, a child’s life can be very scheduled. In this context, a simple visit to a playground can be much more than “fun.” The unstructured free play opportunities that they offer allow kids to move their bodies, practice social skills, and exercise their brains in ways that build their confidence and encourage healthy development. Our only responsibility as adults is to ensure.

Let’s Climb!

Playground climbers are an excellent way for children to reach new heights. Playground climbing equipment is fun and offers several benefits. Let’s take a look at why incorporating climbing equipment into your next playground installation can take the great outdoors to new heights.  The Brain Boost When children develop their motor skills and coordination, it leads to better directional and spatial awareness, agility, coordination skills, balance, and memory. It’s been.

Basic Equipment for a Truly Inclusive Playground

Inclusive playgrounds welcome children of all ages and abilities. Many school and park playgrounds across the US in need of a makeover. One that gives kids and adults a safe place to have fun. Are you currently asking yourself what equipment is a must-have for an inclusive playground? Well, Metro Recreation has the options you need to make your play space unique and inclusive for your entire community. Sensory Relief.

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