Let’s Climb!

kids climbing on playground equipment

Playground climbers are an excellent way for children to reach new heights. Playground climbing equipment is fun and offers several benefits. Let’s take a look at why incorporating climbing equipment into your next playground installation can take the great outdoors to new heights. 

The Brain Boost

When children develop their motor skills and coordination, it leads to better directional and spatial awareness, agility, coordination skills, balance, and memory. It’s been shown that students who climb have stronger focusing abilities and perform well in the classroom. Climbing is also a great way to expend energy, which means less fidgeting and more attention to tasks.

Team-Building Skills

Playgrounds are where relationships are made. From making friends to playing with their besties, the great outdoors helps kids practice their communication skills, taking turns, and working together. Climber equipment on playgrounds teaches them patience and how to listen to one another. Even in times when kids disagree, and we all know they do this from time to time, we can all agree that the playground seems to be where there is a greater sense of connection with one another. 

Balance and Coordination

When kids climb on the playground, several parts of their bodies work together to make it happen. They’re using their legs to give them a boost while their arms pull them up. Switching arm grips and moving their feet higher up the climber takes balance and coordination. Some of our favorite climbing equipment that builds fitness skills include: 

  • Ladders
  • Overhead bars
  • Parallel bars
  • Net climbers
  • Climbing rings

Climbing Confidence

When we master something hard and figure it out, the moment of accomplishment is something we never forget. We gain confidence, and it gives us an unmatched feeling of satisfaction. Climbing does just that for kids and can significantly their self-esteem. From climbing the ladder on the playground to conquering mountains in our lives, the art and all the benefits can leave an imprint that lasts a lifetime. 

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