A Parent’s Guide To a Fun-Filled Snow Day

2 children sitting in a pile of snow

Maybe it’s the special kind of quiet that a blanket of snow creates. Or the realization there are very few cars out on the road. Or the distant grate of the snowplow on the street. Whatever it is, you can tell as soon as you open your eyes: it snowed overnight! You peek out the window, reach for your phone and it’s confirmed—it’s a snow day!

Even though you may have to fight back the initial irritation you feel at the change in routine, try to take a minute to see the unforeseen break a snow day creates through your child’s eyes. Unless we’re dealing with Snowmageddon, chances are it won’t last that long—so take advantage of the unique play opportunities with these fun activities:


There’s nothing like getting out into the winter wonderland—especially if you can go with your kids! Bundle up—and that means layers, starting with a thermal base and ending with a waterproof coat. Snowpants are a plus, mittens beat gloves for warmth, and hats are not optional! Once decked out, you and your kids will be ready to experience the snow day comfortably and safely.


Everyone can help with this! Bringing out a few supplies from indoors is a good idea—a carrot for the nose, buttons for the eyes…maybe some old gloves, a scarf, and a hat? Or you can improvise! From rolling the three balls to finding the sticks for the arms to adding the decorative touches, building a snowman is an easy snow day activity that will be cooperative instead of competitive—score!


Making a snow angel is an easy snow-day activity—but there’s a trick to it! Falling back into the snow and sweeping your arms and legs to make the wings and the gown is only the beginning—getting up without ruining your creation is the hard part!


If you have little ones, making this truly fun takes some pre-planning—but it’s worth it! Invest in some kid-sized shovels and a few small brooms. You’ll be amazed at how effective these tools are in little hands—you’ll have clear paths and steps, and snow-free cars in no time!


Our best childhood memories are often connected to smells…and tastes. Grilled cheese sandwiches with piping hot tomato soup is a classic snow day meal. Keep a cake or cookie mix on hand and let the kids help. Or indulge in the quintessential snow day treat—hot cocoa!


Most kids have played with the packaged stuff, but until they’ve had a go at the homemade kind, they haven’t enjoyed the best! Most homemade playdoughs are cooked, so they’re softer and more pliable. Working with them when they’re warm is a whole new sensory experience that kids absolutely love. Make a few batches in different colors and add food coloring to the water.
PRO TIP: You probably have everything you need already…except cream of tartar. Pick some up at the store so you’ll be ready for this easy and fun snow day activity next time it snows.


Finding a flick that entertains everyone can be tricky. Scroll through these ideas or choose a favorite from your childhood. Just don’t forget the pillows, blankets, and a giant bowl of popcorn!


Making a pinecone bird feeder is inexpensive and fun—it’s a great snow day activity for even the littlest kids. Again, you may want to lay in a few supplies in advance, but it will be well worth it. Your kids will enjoy making these pinecone bird feeders, hanging them where they can see them, and watching the birds swoop in to enjoy the treat they made them! Here’s one way to do it: How to Make Pinecone Bird Feeders

Snow, like childhood, is fleeting…so take advantage of every flake and every moment with these fun and easy snow day activities!