Basic Equipment for a Truly Inclusive Playground

youg girl in wheelchair enjoying playground equipment

Inclusive playgrounds welcome children of all ages and abilities. Many school and park playgrounds across the US in need of a makeover. One that gives kids and adults a safe place to have fun. Are you currently asking yourself what equipment is a must-have for an inclusive playground? Well, Metro Recreation has the options you need to make your play space unique and inclusive for your entire community.

Sensory Relief Spaces

Sometimes, social gatherings can become too much. Providing shaded nooks to rest away from the crowd allows children to unplug when overstimulated. They can tuck inside a quiet, sheltered area yet remain a part of the action as an observer. Shady spots provide relief from the sun and too much activity, and can become a place for quiet play and conversations.

Sensory-Rich Play Places

There are endless ways to enhance the senses through play. From knobs that spin massive circles around and around to sandboxes filled with items for hiding and buckets for pouring, children are magnets for sensory experiences. Sensory-rich environments can include sand and water play, interactive panels, musical equipment, muted colors for children with visual sensitivity, and bright elements for those needing high contrast due to low vision.

Social and Imaginative Areas

As children grow, they learn how to manage feelings and emotions. Figuring out how relationships and the world around them works is done through dramatic play. Whether little ones parallel play or gather in a group, social play areas allow inclusive opportunities while imaginations run wild. Themed playgrounds help launch those creative minds and kickstart imaginations.

Inclusive Swings

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease is a feeling like no other. Adding inclusive swings to your playground gives everyone that opportunity. Some options feature high backs, armrests, and front harnesses that lock. These provide extra safety and support. Wheelchair-accessible swings allow people at play to experience soaring through the air, not just imagine it.


Merry-go-rounds have come a long way since the chipped-paint metal monstrosities of yesteryear. Certain inclusive merry-go-rounds offer seats for easier transfers from mobility devices. Forward-facing models encourage conversation and allow peer interaction. Ones with a center post option let people control the spin speed at a comfortable pace.

Providing safety, comfort, and easy access is just as important as the pieces that make up your playground. Also, it doesn’t take a “the sky’s the limit” budget, or acres of open space, to build something that welcomes all. Metro Recreation is here to help you design the best experience possible for all at play. Contact us for a free site visit, and let’s create solutions together that everyone can enjoy.