The 5 Most Popular Pieces of Playground Equipment

two kids climbing on playground equipment

Think about your childhood. What do you remember about those carefree days? Chances are, at least one of your core memories is tied to a playground. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, it’s where kids get to meet up, use their imaginations, get plenty of physical exercise, and form lasting friendships that may just last their whole lives.

Though those are all reasons enough to take the kiddos to these adventurous hotspots, there are plenty of benefits tied to the various pieces of playground equipment that are essential for childhood development. Let’s take a look at the most popular playground equipment, and how it combines fun, learning, and memories.


Perhaps the first thing your imagination conjures up when someone mentions a playground is a slide. It’s a timeless feature, and for good reason. It allows children to go on a miniature ride and feel the wind rushing past them.

These gravity-powered delights come in all different shapes and sizes, too. Gone are the days of the straight sloped slide. Though that one will remain a classic in its own right, kids can enjoy twists, turns, humps when speeding down slides.


We’ve already mentioned that slides are the main playground staple, but swing sets come in a very close second. They’re designed with constant motion in mind. A child may spend a few years relying on their parents to push them on the swing, but they’ll eventually become coordinated enough to swing themselves with their own leg movements. It’s the kid version of mixing business with pleasure. Swings are immensely fun, and they teach some vital motor skills! 

There are several different kinds of swings available as well. In addition to the traditional belt swings, you can find tire swings, baby swings, and even tandem swings!

Climbing Structures

Now it’s time for some versatility. While slides and swings are undoubtedly fun, climbing equipment provides the potential for imagination to run wild. Kids will have a blast on their climbs and come up with grandiose scenarios in their heads. Maybe they’re racing each other. Maybe they’re trying to escape rising lava in a volcano. Perhaps they even have aspirations to compete in the Olympics someday!

Regardless of the awesome adventures that unfold in children’s minds when they use climbing equipment, their coordination is getting a massive boost. Hands, feet, and eyes are all working in tandem to make this activity possible.

Monkey Bars

These playground staples have been around for ages, and it’s simply because they’re so much fun! The intended activity is simple: move along a path of horizontal bars using your hands. For kids, the draw comes from hanging up in the air and seeing how fast they can get from point A to point B. This is where kids compete to see who can do it the fastest!

And all the while, their upper bodies and coordination are getting a workout. As long as there’s not too much monkeying around, these bars provide a safe and productive adventure! 


These circular dopamine rushes are great at encouraging social interaction. You probably remember getting a group of kids together and piling onto the merry-go-round. One or two people got out to push and hopped on when it was spinning fast enough. This experience is a mainstay on playgrounds because it’s an absolute blast. Kids get a rush and exchange laughter with their friends as they go round and round.

If you take your kid to a playground with one of these on it, they’ll have a great time. Just make sure they don’t use it right after lunch…


Playgrounds are a central part of most childhoods. Thanks to the wonderfully fun equipment and social opportunities, kids don’t even realize they’re learning vital skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. 

If your community doesn’t have a good option for kids to enjoy slides, swings, and other playground staples, you can count on us to design some incredible playground structures for the kids. Get in touch, and let’s build adventures together!