Six Great Playgrounds Near Baltimore & Central Maryland

pirate playground in annapolis maryland
For parents, finding a great playground is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. Kids love visiting playgrounds, and parents are constantly looking for fun activities to get the kids outside and active. Even if you have a couple of great playgrounds in your neighborhood that you enjoy visiting on a regular basis, it doesn’t hurt to expand your options. Below, we have listed six excellent playgrounds near Baltimore and around Central Maryland that are worth your attention.

#1 – Watkins Regional Park Playground

One of the things to look for in a great playground is actually found outside of the playground itself – what else is in the area? Even the best playground is only going to hold your children’s attention for so long, so having other things to do in the area is ideal. Watkins Regional Park is perfect in this regard, as it blends a high-quality playground with plenty of other things to do. Miniature golf, a carousel, farm animals, and more can be found nearby.

#2 – Broadneck Pirate Playground

Themed playgrounds are becoming more and more popular, and the pirate-themed playground at Broadneck Park is a perfect example. Kids will love engaging with the various nautical elements that make up the park, and this playground also does a great job of being inclusive for those with physical limitations.

#3 – Tuckahoe State Park Scrap Tire Playground

The name pretty much says it all here. This is a fun playground at Tuckahoe State Park which has been created using old scrap tires. There is a lesson there for the kids regarding the importance of recycling, and this park is also enjoyable due to its beautiful setting near the lake.

#4 – Kinder Farm Park

When a playground can charge admission, you know it’s a good playground. That’s the case here, at Kinder Farm Park tends to reside near the top of parents’ lists of best playgrounds in the area. This playground has just about every feature you could hope to find, including things like bathrooms and walking trails. Don’t be surprised if your kids want to come back here time after time!

#5 – Centennial Park Playgrounds

We cheated a bit on this entry, because this is actually a total of four playgrounds included in this one entry. There is great variety to be enjoyed across the four playgrounds, meaning you can pick the right one for your kids based on their age and interests. With parking near all of the playgrounds and a great walking path around the lake, it’s hard to find much wrong with this family destination.

#6 – The Fairy Lolly

Found at Annmarie Sculpture Garden, the Fairy Lolly is not what most would consider to be a typical playground. With that said, it is a place for kids to have a ton of fun. This is the kind of place where kids can let their imaginations run wild. Note that there is an admission fee required to access the Fairy Lolly.