Things to Consider When Designing a Preschool Playground

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The argument could be made that playgrounds are more important for preschoolers than any other age category. During the preschool years, kids are just starting to have the physical capability to really explore the world around them, but they aren’t yet playing much in the way of organized sport. Therefore, playgrounds provide a great opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun outside with friends.

If you are planning to design a playground which will be used largely be preschool-aged kids, you may want to keep the following points in mind.

Safety, Of Course

We probably didn’t even need to include this point at the top of the list, but it feels like the only way to start things off. It should go without saying that safety is a crucial piece when designing a playground that is to be used by preschoolers. While the kids are starting to gain the physical strength to take on big challenges, they may not yet understand what a dangerous situation looks like. Therefore, you’ll want to keep the equipment relatively low to the ground and only purchase quality gear that is going to hold up over time.

A Modest Challenge

You want everyone to feel included during play time, so don’t go too far in terms of building structures that only the taller and stronger kids will be able to enjoy. Err on the side of making it easy for the kids to enjoy, so everyone in the class can have a good time. Also, keep in mind that you will want to include elements which are accessible for those children with disabilities.

Think Like a Child

What is it that draws the attention of preschool children? Think for a second about that question and picking out the right playground equipment will become pretty easy. For starters, kids tend to be drawn to bright colors. They also like things that move, such as wheels. These little kids are going to have big imaginations, so all you need to do is get them started by drawing their attention and they will take it from there.

An Appropriate Setting

While letting preschool kids play on a playground, the adults in charge need to walk a fine line. It is important to let the kids play on their own, solving problems and exploring the space as the go. At the same time, those adults need to ensure the safety of the kids, stepping in when required.

With that said, it’s helpful to have a playground with plenty of open space immediately surrounding the play equipment. That way, adults can stand back a bit while still having a full view of the entire play area. The kids won’t feel like the adults are standing right over them while they try to play, yet the adults will be just seconds away from being able to lend a hand. It’s not only the equipment selected but also the general layout of the space that is going to lead to a quality preschool playground.