Inspire Kids with Musical Playground Equipment

children playing with musical playground equipment

You already know that playgrounds are important for kids in many different ways, but were you aware that playground equipment can have musical elements, too? It’s never too early to inspire kids by providing them with musical playground equipment.

What is Musical Playground Equipment?

This equipment incorporates instruments into the play pieces, including keyboards and drums. They’re important for sensory play experiences.

Kids love music, whether it’s clanging pots and pans together, singing and dancing, or banging a drum or tambourine. Musical playground equipment gives kids the opportunity to create a musical experience for all age groups.

Unlike highly organized and structured music lessons, this equipment allows kids to experiment with unique sounds and rhythms, creating their own experiences and forming their opinions about the instruments entirely on their own.

What Are the Benefits of a Musical Playground?

Other than being just plain fun, musical playground equipment can engage kids on various levels and provide social and developmental opportunities through play.


Whether playing the music or hearing it, kids will be engaging their sensory skills by interacting with this equipment. They will quickly learn that each instrument produces a unique sound and that their actions will cause the music to start, speed up, slow down, or stop.

Motor Skills

From touching and manipulating the instruments for the desired sound to learning to dance to the rhythms, children will develop motor skills that embrace cause and effect, improve balance, and develop hand-eye coordination.


Once kids begin to understand that their actions cause a reaction, specifically that banging a drum makes a funny noise or that windchimes sound beautiful when brushed, they gain confidence in their own ability to interact and change the world around them. Gaining confidence and learning to express emotion through music will help kids become more self-aware and give them an outlet to creatively communicate feelings.


Grouped musical play pieces will allow kids to interact with each other and encourage one another. Kids will learn teamwork and the value of group play as they create music that involves each child at the play station.

Musical Equipment Isn’t Just for Play

Musical playground equipment can be used for instructional purposes, too. The equipment is usually larger than traditional instruments, and far more fun to interact with. This means kids can learn through play, whether it’s recreating a favorite song or rhythm or making up a dance to go with a song they’ve created. Musical freeze tag and other playground games can be incorporated into play as well.

Miracle Recreation products include fun instruments like chimes, drums, keyboards, and fully automated music panels. They can be used as standalone pieces, a musically themed section of the play area, or incorporated into your overall playground design.

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