Dynamo Playgrounds: Company Profile

playground frame net
Metro Recreation is pleased to partner with Dynamo Playgrounds to bring frame and mast nets to playgrounds in West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Company Profile
For over 25 years, Dynamo has produced and delivered on revolutionary designs that fuel the imagination of children. Thanks to attention to detail and quality materials, playground equipment from Dynamo stands apart from the competition and has the durability to last for years and years.

Dynamo stands out as a world leader in innovative playground equipment due to masterful engineering that features fun, yet safe design. Dynamo is proud to have created safe and long lasting cabling that is available in a variety of vibrant colors. The unique weaving of threads combined with special a nylon formula means that Dynamo ropes have the durability it takes to stand up to fraying, wearing and fading, for years.

Another part of Dynamo’s long-lasting design is the DX Connector System. The moulded, high-density aluminum is compressed at 120 tons of force, resulting in a beautiful finish that is super strong. The resulting system is one that ensures the rope’s integrity while eliminating any risk of friction at connection points.

For more information on mast nets and frame nets, visit our Dynamo product page.