The Advantages of Poured In Place Rubber Playground Surfaces

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There are really only two goals that matter for the typical playground in Maryland – to let kids have fun, and to keep them safe. If both of those goals are achieved on a regular basis, the playground can be considered a big success. To work toward both of those benchmarks, you may want to consider poured in place rubber as the surface of choice. There are a number of benefits to opting for this type of playground surface, which is why it has become so popular in recent years.

Please review the content below to find some of the benefits of this attractive option.

A Great Price

Budget is always a concern when installing a playground. Thanks to the fact that this type of surface is created with recycled rubber, you should find that the cost of the material is lower than some of your other options. Also, since the installation process is completed quickly, you’ll see lower labor costs when all is said and done. Going a step further on the cost savings point, there is no maintenance required with this kind of surface, yet again offering you valuable savings. To make sure the costs of your playground surface don’t run out of control, and don’t continue to take a bite out of your budget in years to come, opt for poured in rubber.

Excellent Safety Performance

As mentioned earlier, safety is always going to be a high priority when talking about a playground surface. Fortunately, poured in rubber is a reliable choice from a safety perspective. The material is not going to shift over time, and there are no seams to create tripping hazards. With loose fill materials like wood chips, you’ll find that the material is moved away as a result of traffic in the busiest parts of the playground. That means it offers less cushioning, and the playground is not as safe as a result.

Suits Any Design

You aren’t going to be held back from a playground design perspective when you opt for poured in rubber as your surface of choice. It’s easy to customize the size and shape of the surface to meet your needs, and there are countless color options to pick from, as well. It is common for schools to match their playground surface with the school colors, and public playgrounds often use bright, fun colors to attract attention and entertain kids.

Great All Year Long

The ability of children to enjoy the playground throughout the year should be improved when you decide to go with a poured rubber surface. It is a non-slip surface, which will help with traction in the rain, and it tends to drain effectively, as well. Obviously, without dirt in the equation, there is no mud for parents to worry about during a play session that takes place after a rainstorm.

There is more to a great playground than just the surface it uses, but this piece of the puzzle is a big one. Be sure to consider poured in place rubber as a cost-effective, reliable solution for your playground project.