The Benefits of Poured In Place Rubber Playground Surfaces

poured in place rubber playground
Whether you’re a professional designer, home-owner, school administrator, or community park planner, poured in place rubber playground surfaces are an outstanding option for building or refurbishing an outdoor play space. This innovative material provides a safer, more versatile, and in many cases more economical solution for playground surfacing than the blacktop or pea gravel options of days gone by, as well as exciting design potential and environmentally friendly features.

Exciting Design Potential

Poured in place rubber surfaces come in a wide variety of colors that can create bright expanses of single-color play area, or interesting, eye-catching combinations. Use separate colors to indicate separate playground areas, or combine them to create paths and patterns.


The product itself uses recycled rubber, which is much less expensive than similar surfaces, and because it’s so easy to install, you’ll save on installation charges, too. Poured rubber easily conforms to uneven ground, providing a smooth and safe playing area. In addition to being virtually maintenance-free year round, poured rubber surfaces last much longer than other playground surfacing material.

Safety First

Constant traffic reduces the density of loose fill materials, diminishing the surface’s cushioning abilities. Rolled surfaces can separate or lift at the seams, creating possible tripping hazards. Poured rubber never compacts or shifts over time, is easy to clean when needed, and is not abrasive.


Poured rubber’s seamless, unified surface accommodates both wheel and foot traffic. Water quickly runs through the surface to the soil below so the surface dries quickly, giving children access to the playground even after a thunderstorm with no pooled water anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly

Rubber used in the poured in place surface comes from recycled tires or other materials, diverting waste from landfills and minimizing toxic fumes from incinerators. Given its quick-draining features, the surface also leaves water tables unaffected, enhancing water conservation.

The combination of its limitless design potential, long-lasting appeal, enhanced safety, and accessible cost have made Poured in Place rubber surfacing an extremely popular option for outdoor play spaces at parks, schools, and daycare centers.