Five Great Themed Playground Ideas

natural theme playground
Themed playgrounds are a great way for kids to spend a memorable day outside, playing with their friends. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a traditional, non-themed playground, visiting one with an engaging theme takes the experience to a new level. If you are building a playground, or renovating an old one, and you’d like to include a theme, consider the five ideas below.

Keep It Local

For starters, depending on where you live, you may be able to tie the theme of the playground into the local area in some way. That might mean including a couple of pieces which are designed to look like local landmarks, or maybe you name different parts of the playground after local neighborhoods. Whatever the case, you can help kids to have a great time playing outside while also developing a sense of pride in their hometown.

Animals are a Great Choice

It’s hard to go wrong with an animal theme. Almost every kid loves at least one type of animal, and many love every animal they’ve ever seen. Fortunately, this is a relatively popular playground theme, so it should be pretty easy to find suitable pieces. You could opt for an overall animal theme, or you could get more specific by picking out a certain category of animals to focus on.

Older Animals

Along those same lines, rather than current animals which walk the earth today, you could opt for a dinosaur theme. Just as is the case with animals that kids might see at the zoo or have as pets, children seem to be drawn to dinosaurs. There is quite a bit of flexibility here as well, as in addition to the dinosaur pieces, you could also have a variety of terrain features which fit in with the theme of a wild, untamed world.

Civic Heroes

Another great way to connect with children is to design a theme around those who tend to be seen as heroes in any given city. This kind of playground could include police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. Yet again, this type of theme can be seen as a safe bet, since most kids are drawn to these types of vehicles and the people who operate them.

Step Away from Reality

In a day and age where many kids watch movies and TV shows on a regular basis, taking a break from reality and opting for a fantasy type of them is an intriguing option. This is a kind of playground where imagination is put on center stage, both for the kids and for the person or people designing the playground initially.

It should go without saying that you should think carefully about your theme before getting started on constructing the playground. Ask for opinions from a variety of people and take a look at the many options on the market. In the end, make sure it is something that makes sense for your application, as well as something that will bring pride and joy to the community for years to come.