10 Staples of Successful Playground Designs

castle themed playground
Building a playground is no easy task. There is a lot of great playground equipment available these days, but you still have several hurdles to get over before your project is all said and done. You’ll need to secure funding for the task, for one thing, and you will need to design the playground as well. In this article, we are going to touch on 10 key staples of great playground design.

Make It Unique

The kids should be excited to play as soon as they see the playground, since they will be able to distinguish it from the others in the area. A generic playground is one that is soon forgotten.

Keep It Open

Kids will always surprise you with their ability to be creative and come up with interesting ways to play. Try to avoid designing a playground that funnels kids all in the same direction.

Ease of Movement

It’s easy to get caught up thinking only about the playground equipment piece of the puzzle, but remember to also pay attention to how people will move about the space. That means not only the kids who are going to be playing, but also the parents who will be watching the kids play.

Add Special Touches

A playground design might start with some quality equipment, but don’t be afraid to put your own personal, interesting touches on the design. These are little elements which won’t stand out from afar, but just may make a kid smile when he or she stumbles upon the surprise.

As Much Variety as Possible

Once put in place, your playground isn’t going to change much over the years. With that in mind, do what you can to include ample variety in terms of the type of play that can be enjoyed in the space.

Fun Over Beauty

There is nothing wrong with trying to create a pretty space for the kids to play, but don’t let that goal get in the way of producing something fun. It is the fun and excitement that the kids take from the playground which is the key, and any aesthetic goals should come into play later.

An Area to Relax

While adults tend to think of kids as always being on the go, they do run low on energy sometimes and just want to relax. Include a portion of the playground which is designed for quieter, calmer play time.

Nature is Your Friend

Fighting against nature is an uphill battle that you’ll never win. If possible, try to integrate the natural landscape in the area into the design of the playground. Not only will this enhance the play experience, but it will also encourage kids to pay attention to the natural world around them.

It Needs to Function

Beyond all of the other various factors to consider, don’t forget about important elements of the design that will allow the playground to function nicely. Those pieces include trash cans, benches, a drinking fountain, etc.

Bring Kids Together

Playgrounds aren’t meant for solo play so much as they are meant to build friendships and grow interpersonal skills. Keep this in mind and create a design that encourages kids to play together as much as possible.