Purchasing a playground is a big deal. It requires a lot of thoughtful design and careful planning. To ensure a positive experience, Metro Recreation will walk you through every step from our initial consultation to final inspection after your playground is complete. And while our goal is to create the most fun spaces possible, safety is our top priority.



Using the information from the site visit and working with our manufacturers, Metro Recreation will help you maximize your proposed area in order to get you the best play value for your dollar. You will receive a site specific overhead drawing of the area, 3d color renderings showing exactly what your site will look like upon completion, and a detailed proposal breaking down the cost of the entire project.


Our installation team has over 25 years of experience installing commercial playground equipment.  They stand ready to ensure that your playground is installed to perfection with superior attention to every detail.


Upon completion of each installation, a representative from Metro Recreation will conduct a final inspection and walk through with each client to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

For an additional fee, Metro Recreation can perform safety audits to ensure that your play areas are safe.