Modern Playground Trends – Equipment, Inclusiveness & More

kids hanging on equipment
If you are taking on the project of building a new playground, or if you are simply upgrading and updating an existing playground, you want to make sure to understand all of the latest trends in this industry. It is not an easy task to secure funding to build a new playground, or to fix up an old one, so you want to make sure to do your homework and get the job done right the first time.

With that in mind, we wanted to point out some modern playground trends in this article. While all of these ideas may not be suitable for your project, hopefully at least one or two will hit home. Let’s get started!

Bringing Everyone Together

In a trend that was long overdue, modern playgrounds are focusing more and more on offering something for everyone. That means including equipment that adults can use right alongside their children, helping the adults to be active rather than just sitting by while the kids have fun. Also, playgrounds are now being designed in such a way that those with disabilities can engage directly with everyone else on the playground. Playgrounds should be about coming together and having fun outdoors, so hopefully more and more designs will be approached in this way.

Pushing the Limits

With regard to playground construction, there is always a balance that needs to be struck between keeping kids safe and letting them explore their boundaries. Modern playgrounds have become more adventurous, offering kids exciting pieces of equipment that enable them to have fun in a whole new way.

A Feature Piece

At one point, a playground was just something that was included in the design of a park or a school. Today, there are more and more feature playgrounds being built, where the unique design of the playground itself is the main attraction. This is an exciting development, and one which gives parents a great place to take their kids for a memorable outing.

Here Comes Tech

It was inevitable that modern technology would work its way into the playground setting. Some parents today have difficulty pulling their children away from screens, so why not integrate technology on the playground to encourage them to get out and move? Some of the most advanced playground systems can promote social games that really add a whole new experience to the traditional act of playing outside with friends. It seems certain that technology will continue to play a bigger and bigger role in the playgrounds of the future.

A Variety of Senses

How many senses can be stimulated by a single playground? Quite a few, as it turns out. Modern playgrounds are adding in things like musical instruments designed to be kept and played outdoors, along with water features and other fun pieces. One of the main benefits of playgrounds, especially for young children, is that they are able to learn and grow while playing at the same time. Designing playgrounds to encourage the use of as many senses as possible will only further those benefits.

— Metro Recreation