When is it Time to Upgrade Your Playground Equipment?

young boy about to go down slide

Your playground looks quiet now, but Spring is upon us! Warm weather means kids will be ready for outdoor activities…but is your equipment ready for them? Let’s take a look at evaluating your play spaces and find out if it is time to upgrade your playground equipment?

1. Your Equipment is Over Ten Years Old

While playground equipment longevity will vary, the average lifespan of most equipment is around ten years. Your playground’s lifespan will depend on:

  • How much it is used
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Climate
  • Frequent past repairs
  • Materials and quality

While a decade of enjoyment doesn’t automatically mean you need upgrades, it is a definite indicator that you should schedule an inspection before the spring crowds return.

2. Your Equipment is Not Inclusive

Older playground equipment frequently lacks the design and functionality of more modern equipment. This means that it may not be as inviting or inclusive as it should be. With today’s equipment designed to meet ADA regulations and incorporate inclusiveness in nearly every design, you may be missing your chance to connect with a wider group of kids who would love to play!

3. You Have Been Nursing Equipment to Keep it Functional

While some repairs will almost certainly be necessary throughout the season, using frequently repaired equipment can be dangerous. It’s one thing to replace or tighten a screw or perform regular maintenance, but if you’ve been performing routine major repairs on a particular piece it’s a sure sign that the equipment needs to be upgraded.

4. Your Surfacing Has Become a Liability

Just like your equipment, your playground surfacing needs to be upgraded and replaced periodically. Signs that your surfacing needs replacement can include:

  • Areas that collect puddles
  • Rips, cracks, or tears
  • Thinning of surface material under frequently used pieces of equipment
  • Obviously degraded materials
  • Missing material on a loose-fill surface

Ensuring that your surfacing is intact, safe, and functional for your guests is as important as inspecting your equipment. Never overlook your surfacing when evaluating your playground for upgrades.

5. You Want to Make Your Playground More Inviting

Your playground may have been established decades ago and have generations of families who loyally use your space year after year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t broaden your guest lists! The name of the game in playground competition is creating the most fun and inviting space in a clean, safe environment.

The best way to broaden your playground’s appeal is upgrading to inclusive, modern designs that embrace a child’s need for interactive play. You may find your own community is more than willing to help fund your playground upgrade to benefit the area and its kids.

Let Metro Recreation Take a Look at Your Play Spaces

Metro Recreation performs playground inspections and site visits to help ensure that your spaces are safe, accessible, and ready for the spring rush. Ready to get started? Contact us now to schedule a visit!