6 Tips for How To Winterize Your Playground

playground equipment covered in snow

It’s cold, but kids will never let that stop them from enjoying a day at the playground! The colder weather means you need to make sure your spaces are safe, and we’ve got 6 tips to help you do just that!

1. Address any Surfaces that Will Collect Ice

Any spots on your playground’s surface that had water puddles throughout the year are prone to collecting ice now. Make sure to fill in any cracks or dips in your rubber surfacing or to top off your loose-fill surfaces to make the spaces even and smooth.

2. Consider Frozen Ground

If your surfaces have a low ability to absorb shock, a fall will be more likely to cause physical harm because the ground underneath is frozen hard as well. It may be time to upgrade to a thicker or more absorbent surfacing option.

3. Remove Shade Canopies

Shade canopies will collect snow, and just one inch of snow weighs 1 pound per square foot. That’s a lot of weight to put on your shade canopy, and if it’s not removed it can be severely damaged. Child safety is at stake as well, since an over-weighted canopy can potentially collapse.

4. Block Off Unsafe Equipment

Some equipment, like swings or sensory stations, will be fine all winter long. Other pieces, especially climbing equipment made of metal, have a potential for surface freezing and ice buildup and may become extremely slippery.

5. Inspect Your Equipment

Inspect your equipment to make sure there’s nothing that needs to be repaired or replaced before winter grabs hold with its icy hands. Cold can make small cracks worse and can make equipment brittle. Tighten hardware and inspect nuts, bolts, and screws to check for areas where kids can get mittens or scarves stuck.

Let Kids be Kids

Kids don’t know the meaning of “too cold,” so make sure you keep your playground open and inviting. If you follow these 6 playground winterization tips, you can help ensure kids will have fun all winter long. 

If you think winter may be the perfect time to install new playground equipment, contact Metro Recreation and let us help you design your perfect space.