The Best Playgrounds in Central Maryland

watkins regional park
When the weather is right, there are few better places to take your kids than the playground. Kids love to play outside, and parents love the fact that the kids can burn off some excess energy while out of the house. Fortunately, for those in Central Maryland, there are many great options to pick from when looking for a playground to visit. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best.

Watkins Regional Park Playground

Thanks to a 2015 renovation, this playground has a number of great features for kids to enjoy. Perhaps the most notable part of this space is the ‘Wizard of Oz’ themed playground that carries throughout much of the property. In addition to sending your kids out to the playground for some fun, you also may decide to enjoy other nearby attractions such as the farm animals, miniature golf, and more.

Centennial Park Playgrounds

There are actually four playgrounds at this facility, making it a great choice when you want to have plenty of variety available. This is particularly nice for big families who may need to accommodate kids of various ages. There is a path that runs around a lake which offers a great opportunity for exercise and viewing of the flowers and trees. If you are bringing a lunch, or even just some snacks, you will likely appreciate the picnic tables as well.

Kinder Farm Park

Speaking of playgrounds that are suitable for kids of various ages, Kinder Farm park matches that description nicely. This is a popular play space with restrooms and walking trails available, in addition to the playground equipment structures. Keep in mind that there is an admission fee for this park, paid on a per-vehicle basis.

Broadneck Pirate Playground

This playground offers a new pirate ship structure for kids to experience and enjoy. One of the best features of this playground is the way it has been designed to include all children, including those with disabilities.

Tuckahoe State Park Playground

This playground is a bit different in that it is constructed largely using scrap tires. The tires make for great obstacles that kids can use for climbing, jumping, and more. Your children are likely to love this interesting play area, and the park also features enjoyable hiking paths and views of a lake.

The Fairy Lolly

This playground is part of Annmarie Sculpture Garden. Kids love the experience of The Fairy Lolly, which offers them plenty of opportunities for hands-on activity. This is not the usual playground with a big climbing structure, but it can make for a fun day just the same. It should be noted that there is a per-person admission fee for adults and children ages 6–17.

As you can plainly see, there are plenty of playground opportunities available to families in Central Maryland. Take just a bit of time to pick out the best one for your family and you can look forward to memorable outdoor fun.