Why Kids Need Playgrounds!

Playgrounds provide a safe place for children to use their boundless energy, and interact and have fun with their peers. As importantly, a well-designed playground gives kids an invaluable learning environment where they can develop their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. If what pioneering educator Maria Montessori famously said, that “Play is the work of children”, is true, then surely the child’s office is a well-designed playground. Extensive research.

How To Design Inclusive Playgrounds

Does your community playground need some refurbishment? Are you involved in playground planning at your school or worship center here in Maryland, West Virginia or DC? If so, you have a wonderful opportunity to create an environment that will be fun and welcoming for your kids– including the “differently abled” kids with physical or mental challenges for whom navigating traditional play structures is difficult. No matter what your budget or.

Playground Design Trends To Watch For in 2020

Progressive playground design has always focused on sustainable and inclusive ways to encourage imagination and play, increase physical strength and fitness, and strengthen a sense of belonging and community. And just to keep things fresh, playground architects and designers have been finding more and more ways to add adventure, color, creativity, and expanded sensory experiences to make our children’s outdoor play spaces even more engaging. So what’s on the horizon.

Selecting Equipment for Your Outdoor Play Space

“Use your inside voices. No running, please. Follow the line leader. Sit in a circle…” These are important things for children to do to maintain order in the classroom. Yet they’re not the default setting for healthy, active young people! Running, climbing, jumping, unrestrained talk and laughter, and opportunities to explore at will are hardwired into every child. That’s why providing a safe outdoor space that encourages vigorous physical play.

10 Guidelines for Creating an Outdoor Play Space for Preschoolers

“Play centers” or “stations” are the time-honored foundation for hands-on learning in preschool classrooms. From Dramatic Play to Nature and Science to Music and Movement and everything in between, children in this age group just seem to thrive on having a variety of options to choose from and enjoy.  When you’re setting up an outdoor play environment, let what engages preschoolers indoors shape your decisions. Make Wise Choices. Select equipment.

Outdoor Playground Design – Creating a Natural Playscape Part 3

We hope you have enjoyed the first two parts of our article on creating natural playscapes. In this final portion of the article, we will wrap up the discussion. Other Equipment Pieces In part two of this article, we highlighted swings and slides as two pieces of play equipment you won’t want to skip in your design. Here, we’d like to touch on some of the other various pieces that.

Outdoor Playground Design – Creating a Natural Playscape Part 2

In this second part of our three-part article on natural playscapes, we are going to continue the discussion of how an outdoor playground can be a great opportunity for kids to spend time in nature while having fun with their siblings and friends. Surface Considerations The surface of any playground is an important piece of the overall design puzzle. When trying to craft a natural playscape that integrates nature with.

Outdoor Playground Design – Creating a Natural Playscape Part 1

Encouraging children to interact with nature is a beautiful thing. Of course, only a few generations ago, this wasn’t exactly something you had to do intentionally – it just happened. Day to day life and spending time in nature were one and the same. However, as our modern lifestyles have been industrialized and moved indoors, the idea of getting back out into nature is seen as a novel one. It’s.

10 Staples of Successful Playground Designs

Building a playground is no easy task. There is a lot of great playground equipment available these days, but you still have several hurdles to get over before your project is all said and done. You’ll need to secure funding for the task, for one thing, and you will need to design the playground as well. In this article, we are going to touch on 10 key staples of great.

Things to Consider When Designing a Preschool Playground

The argument could be made that playgrounds are more important for preschoolers than any other age category. During the preschool years, kids are just starting to have the physical capability to really explore the world around them, but they aren’t yet playing much in the way of organized sport. Therefore, playgrounds provide a great opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun outside with friends. If you are planning to design.

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