Give Your Students a Break: The Advantages of School Playgrounds

empty swings on playground

From slides and swings to seesaws and climbing equipment, school playgrounds give students an important outlet for creativity, physical activity, and just plain fun. Did you know that active play in a playground setting also encourages leadership skills and cooperative thinking? Here are the top five advantages of school playgrounds.

School Playgrounds Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Kids suffering from stress and anxiety often express fear over many parts of their day, from tests to social interactions. For these kids, classrooms are more of a prison than a learning experience. Breaking the day up with playground breaks gives students a chance to decompress, relieving anxiety and allowing them to focus in the classroom.

Encourage Physical Activity

The CDC recommends 60 minutes of active play per day, and for school-aged kids, that can present a problem. How can students get their recommended amount of physical activity when they are spending Monday through Friday in the classroom, frequently with homework and after-school activities taking away from their late afternoon and evening free time? A big advantage of school playgrounds is on-site equipment and space that encourages these kids to get up, get active, and meet their recommended physical activity requirements.

Provide Access to Playgrounds for All

For some disadvantaged children, safe playgrounds aren’t just around the corner…or even around the block. In fact, an unfortunate number of kids may not have access to a playground at all. Further complicating the issue is that in many families, both parents work; that makes finding time to get kids to nearby playgrounds very difficult. This problem is multiplied in the fall and winter when the days are shorter and the weather unpredictable. School playgrounds give access for all students to play during lunch, recess, and even before or after the school day.

Develop Social Skills

Interaction on the playground is an important factor in childhood development, whether it’s active play on equipment or through playing sports. Through these playground interactions, kids learn valuable concepts like leadership, sharing, and cooperation that will form the basis of their self-esteem and interactions for the rest of their lives.

Time Away From Screens

We know that as adults, we spend far too much time on our devices. Did you know that kids aged 8–12 spend up to six hours a day on their devices? School playgrounds give kids the opportunity to ditch their device, unplug, and have healthy social interactions throughout the day.

Is Your School Playground Ready for the School Season?

Playgrounds are fun, of course, but they should be kid-proofed and evaluated for safety before letting the kids play on your equipment. Whether your school playground needs some TLC or a complete upgrade, Metro Recreation has the equipment and resources you need for a play space that is safe, inclusive, and fun. Contact us today and see how we can make your school playground the best on the block!