The Advantages of EZ Fall Playground Surfacing

playground safety surface
When creating or renovating a playground, you are sure to have a couple of goals in mind. Of course, you want the space to be fun for kids. That is a given. At the same time, you also want the space to be as safe as possible for children to enjoy. Kids should be able to play freely without having to worry about being injured along the way. Toward that end, picking out the right option for the surface of your playground is a big step.

There are many great options available today for playground surfacing, and EZ Fall Safety Surfacing is one of the leaders. This is a great product from Mitchell Rubber, and it should be high on your list when in the planning phase. Let’s take a quick look at what it is that makes this such an appealing choice.

Select the Right Fall Height

One of the first things to consider when picking out your surface is how high the playground equipment is going to be. For instance, if you are building a playground meant only for little kids, it’s likely that the equipment is going to stay low to the ground. That means there won’t be anything tall to fall from, so the surface does not need to be rated for such high falls. On the other hand, a playground with tall equipment meant for older kids is going to need a surface rated appropriately. By opting for EZ Fall Surfacing, you can pick the right version of the product to match the potential fall height on the playground.

A Great Selection of Colors

It is the performance benefits which will first attract you to EZ Fall, but the aesthetic quality of this product is going to be a big selling point, as well. There are a variety of excellent color options, meaning it should be easy to pick out one which will be a good fit for your playground décor. You may decide to just stick with a solid color for your playground, or you might want to mix and match in order to develop a unique design.

Resist Theft and Vandalism

Sadly, you need to think about the threat of vandalism when you are building a playground. As far as your surfacing goes, EZ Fall Playground Surfacing is nearly impossible to pull up if someone has designs on vandalizing the property. Thanks to the installation method – the flooring is attached to concrete below – it’s not possible to simply pick up the tiles and run.

Outstanding Durability

For a playground surface that will stand up for the long run, EZ Fall again stands out from the competition. It is UV resistant, and it stands up nicely to the beating it will take from an army of little feet. Through the use of a vulcanized virgin rubber, this is a product which you can count on for many years of reliable performance once it is set into place.